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Speech Calculator: how long does your speech take?

With this speech calculator, you can easily calculate how long it will take you to speak a certain text.

On average, people speaking in front of a crowd, are speaking 130 words per minute. A fast speaker will get to 160 words per minute, a slow speaker will use around 100 words. If you have your speech written out, you can easily calculate how long your speech will take. Copy your full text and paste it in the box below.

Full text:

Words: Rate of speech: Duration:

Good to know: the text that you type or paste in the box, will NOT be saved and will NOT be sent using the web. The full analysis happens within your browser.

How many words is ideal?

Often: the shorter, the better. We’ve never heard the complaint that a speech was too short. The opposite happens a lot more often. Below, you can see the ideal amount of words for your speech, depending on your rate of speech.

Duration: Rate of speech: Words:

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Responses from professionals

Marloes, working as a political spokesperson:

“I owe you a big thank you: your calculator is brilliant! Last weekend, I had to prepare a speech for the wedding of my best friend, and your calculator was terrific. Currently, I am using it for my work, since I need a text with a duration of 30 seconds.”

Miranda, Secretary Legal Affairs:

“Today, someone point out the calculator with which you can determine how long your presentation will take. I tested the calculator with a presentation of which I have timed the duration before. It was astonishing to see the accuracy of the calculator. It just saves so much stress to already know that you are in control of the time management. Definitely a tip worth sharing!”

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