Lectures & Inspiration sessions

Our experts regularly give (lunch) lectures and inspiration sessions, handling subjects ranging from persuasion power to framing and storytelling 


These are our regular lectures:

  • The basics of persuasion. also based on our best seller “always persuasive”. linked to a translation for the present audience; what can you do with this?
  • Management by speech. inspiring your people goes a lot further than just the annual christmas speech. But how do you optimize those different unused moments?
  • Speaking like OBAMA. learn how to nail your speech with tropes and claptraps. yes we can!
  • The subtle power of storytelling. Stop working for you story, make that story work for you!
  • Naming and Framing. Words are more than clumped letters, they evoke an image. That image determines the difference between success and failure, award and grudge … yes or no.
  • Presenting like Steve Jobs. learn how to present in an inspiring and fascinating way.

Lunch & Learn

Combine the lectures with the lunch break! While you and your team are on break, why not create an inspiring moment. The lunch lectures can be held online, making sure everybody can participate. (remote) Lunch lectures aren’t only binding and relevant but mostly inspiring and energetic.

Inspiration sessions

We used to inspire management teams and colleagues  with interactive meetings, such as:

  • 8 Leadership lessons of Steve Jobs (i.g. Rabobank)
  • Lessons about leadership, provided by the american election (i.g. Atos Origin, ING bank)
  • The subjects we provide in our lectures (presented above)

Depending on your wishes, we will provide a suiting completion, or we’ll recommend an altered and better fitting offer.


Ever think about an inspiration session in the form of a “College Tour”? A small selection of college tour cases.

  • When appointing a new CEO it is of utmost importance to involve the employees. Organize a college tour with a senior Trainer of Debatrix as the interviewer and the CEO as a guest. Employees will ask questions about his new role as CEO. Debatrix was there to lead the session but also to ask about the simple and nice things in life like hobbies etc. In this dynamic way the organization is able to meet their new CEO in a lively way.
  • Debatrix led a college tour where interested students were able to ask questions to the CEO of a visited organization. the students asked questions about the company policies, the culture and the tasks of their (possible) new employer
  • For the members of Partos and goede doelen nederlanden, we hosted a college tour about framing and reframing with Lars Duursma as the “head guest”. During this college tour Lars gave a brief lecture about framing. There was a lot of time to pose questions.