Executive Coaching is the approach to:

Increase your Persuasive Skills

    Expand your Leadership Skills

    Boost your personal development


    During an intake, you will discuss your learning goals with the coach. Also, the entire process will be designed, meeting your personal demands.

    1-on-1 coaching

    During the executive coaching, you will work on how to reach your goals and how to fully utilise your skills. There will be more in-depth discussion on the content of your presentation, speech or pitch.

    Observation + Feedback

    During the performance that defines your career, our coach will be present to observe. After your performance, the coach will provide you with positive and constructive feedback.

    Follow-up: 360 Camera

    After the coaching, there is a possibility to make use of our 360 camera’s, record your presentation, pitch or speech, and keep on receiving feedback.


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    How our executive coaching empowered change within Samsung

    The CFO of Samsung Benelux wanted to inspire change within Samsung.

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