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Debatrix provides Masterclasses and coaching sessions
for leaders of the present and the future, to improve their
persuasiveness and management skills.
Our experts have years of experience in guiding national
and international CEO’s and politicians.

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Improve your persuasive skills with these International Masterclasses.

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BusinessWeek named Debatrix as one of the most promising companies in Europe, while founder and CEO Lars Duursma was identified as one of the top three young European entrepeneurs in 2006.

“People will forget
what you said.
People will forget
what you did.
But people will never forget
how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou

On our news page, you can read about news coverage and media appearances of Debatrix, as well as the tips and tricks we write.

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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching will improve your persuasion skills and ensure that your message will have an incredible impact.

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Renowned experts analyse your style, provide feedback and teach you how to increase the impact of your message tremendously.

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Inspirational Lectures

Our experts will provide a customised lecture to make your event an inspiring one. We have experience in a wide variety of industries.

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Our discussion moderator will guarantee an interesting, instructive and valuable debate, boosting the interaction of your event.

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Our clients


Client Cases

On our client cases page, you can read about the career defining work we have done for several organisations.

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A good example of one of our client cases, is the project with the European Parliament. Each year, 250.000 people take a tour through the European Parliament. But how do you tell the ‘European Story’ and make the tour stick?